We revel in nature’s vivid palette to create our well-being. Through time, nature presents a variety of healing extracts in a palette of colors; green, yellow, purple, white, brown, and gold. Theses colors represent perfection, simplicity, balance, harmony, expression, and soothing influence, all encouraging energy and promoting positive changes. The ingredients that nourish the skin must be obtained from the highest sources of nature. In today’s skin care world, natural doesn’t mean quality. It is up to the honesty of the companies to invest in the quality of their formulas to provide the best nutrients for the skin. Royal Edelweiss takes pride for hand-picking the selection of ingredients that go into our products; extracts of the edelweiss flower, shiitake mushrooms, algae, papaya, olive oil, cucumber, willow bark, grape seed, licorice root, rice, ginseng, green tea, cornflower, safflower seed and many more. All of these nutritious elements are color coded by nature to bring purity to the skin. Our ingredients are collected from various parts of the world, containing qualities and attributes to protect and regenerate skin. We have the answer to the long proclaimed mystery of the Edelweiss flower. The Alpine Edelweiss flower is found at high altitudes from 1700 to 2700 meters. It survives under severe temperatures of the Swiss Alps. The purity of the petals and the hydration it holds had scientists in question for many years. And today, we have the answer to the long proclaimed mystery of the Edelweiss flower. Edelweiss, the most valorous plant, is now explained through research. We finally understand its extraordinary properties and why this flower has been admired throughout time. Among one of the most powerful antioxidants known to man, the edelweiss extract provides anti-aging, anti-fungal, and antibacterial treatment for the skin. Along with protection, repair and reversing skin damage, Edelweiss extract protects skin from irritations and infections, it also restores hydration and moisture levels to the skin. The antibacterial properties activate on a wide range of microorganisms and strengthens the blood vessels to repair broken capillaries. Edelweiss extract is applied to modern high end cosmetics and skin care products.